Hunney. 23.
College Student.
AMAZON Rugby.Wondering.Reading.Movies.Art.

Sorry i do not televise.
Music based format.
beat boxing, not in rings.
art work is a fling.

girls are my thing.
girls are my thing.

i like writing random things.
i use under cover names
like i uncover her strings.

laces, and its all on shoes.
duck tape my favorite pair,
because they take me to the moon.

rhyming like its a scheme.
i write random things.

yes i write random things.
cuz girls are my thing.

- Hunney B.

ALSO AS A SIDE NOTE: I LOVE ANNISSA FERGUSON. Just putting it out there. :3

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Everything you love is here


Everything you love is here

Tonight I’m super drunk. Just to let you know tumblr, I love yuh all. Also, my girlfriend is one hot mama and I’m glad she’s here with my family enjoying our vacation. My God I love my woman. I’m happy my woman my woman loves me too.

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Video of the century.

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